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Essential Hair Recovery – Scalp Treatment – Lemongrass & Rosemary / Scalp Soothing

(157 customer reviews)


Try our soothing, yet invigorating Lemongrass – Rosemary “Refreshing” Scalp Stimulating Anti-Hair Loss Treatment.  Rejuvenating botanical oils are combined synergistically to support a restorative self-care ritual for your hair and scalp. This scalp stimulating treatment is the pre-shampoo  anti-hair loss solution derived from natural, essential oils, and healing plant compounds for hair restoration and the promotion of hair growth. This scalp stimulating anti-hair loss treatment should be applied before shampooing the hair, so that they can seep deeply into the scalp and hair roots. Make sure to leave the treatment on your scalp for at least twenty minutes to one hour before continuing with one of our thickening shampoos and volumizing conditioners.

The plant compounds in our Lemongrass-Rosemary anti-hair loss treatment are based on ancient healing modalities which support healthy circulation, the balancing of hormones that affect hair growth, cellular detoxification, cellular regeneration, and abundant healing. You can inhale their enticing aromas and feel them tingling your scalp as they are applied.

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Our scalp soothing and nourishing “Refreshing” Lemongrass – Rosemary Hair Growth Stimulating Formula heals the scalp as it encourages new hair to grow. Lemongrass is an aromatic essential oil with many skin-soothing qualities. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. As it encourages the hair follicles to open and grow new hair, it also relieves itchiness, dryness, and inflammation that is a common cause of inhibited hair growth.

Rosemary is another fragrant essential oil renown for soothing the skin, preventing premature aging of the hair follicle, and a deep moisturizer and antioxidant compound that allows healing penetration into several layers of the skin’s outer layers. The synergistic combination of lemongrass and rosemary in this anti-hair loss treatment not only promotes the growth of strong, beautiful hair but also pacifies inflammation, reduces irritation and greatly soothes the scalp below the level of the hair shaft opening.

This formula is based on ancient herbal healing modalities that promote cellular detoxification, healthy circulation, hormonal balancing, cellular regeneration, and abundant healing so that your hair looks beautiful AND your scalp feels amazing, too. It is a self-care ritual to soothe, above all else.

For best results leave this soothing treatment oil on the scalp for at least twenty minutes to allow the phytonutrient compounds in the essential oils to penetrate deeply into your skin.

For extra soothing, use the Lemongrass – Rosemary Hair Growth Formula as part of an Ayurvedic tradition that treats the body as a cohesive whole. Balancing the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water are considered key in Ayurvedic medicine and when you use the Lemongrass Rosemary Hair Growth Formula you will experience its healing properties as such:

  • Promote mental clarity, cognitive awareness, renewed memory and relaxation with the essential oils of Lemongrass and Rosemary, each know respectively as powerful cognitive enhancers.
  • Strengthen the immune system and detox the hair follicles with the natural antibiotic and soothing properties of a synergistic combination of essential oils
  • Support the releases of anti-stress hormones while depressing the release of cortisol and adrenaline which can trigger the fight-or-flight response. Feel empowered, refreshed, and relaxed


Rosemary Essential Oil, called the “dew of the sea” is derived from a warm, bitter herb considered sacred by ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. Rosemary was referenced poetically by Italian healers. This highly soothing herb introduces powerful antioxidants to the scalp known for:

  • Restoring moisture and detoxing the hair follicles (removing hormonal, environmental, and chemical toxins)
  • Promoting blood flow and circulation to bring vital nutrients to your scalp and hair
  • Reducing inflammation and introducing antibacterial and antioxidant properties to the hair follicles to reduce skin irritation, excess sebum build up and to soothe the scalp
  • Enhancing the active stage of your hair’s growth cycle
  • Mildly clean the hair and scalp without stripping it of natural oils while eliminating dirty build-up

Lemongrass Essential Oil is like a lullaby for the scalp. It gently pacifies inflammation and introduces lemony and earthy tones to the hair and skin:

  • Immunity boosting, inflammation calming
  • Detoxing, naturally pain relieving, infection preventing

By engaging Lemongrass and Rosemary’s botanical properties along with numerous additional botanical ingredients in one bottle, you enjoy hair follicle cell protection, reduced hair thinning, healthy new hair growth and thicker hair strands. Our Lemongrass – Rosemary formula is also a form of aromatherapy used in multiple healing modalities to promote feelings of rejuvenation, soothing, calm, balance, and relaxation.


Not only do our products smell amazing, they truly work. Testimonials come in by the dozens, telling us how phenomenal our products are, and we agree, because we spent countless hours coming up with scientifically backed, nature-supported shampoo, conditioner, anti-hair loss oils, and serums, that do what we say they will – regrow hair! We use 100% plant compounds to form our effective formulations and our wide variety of botanical products.


Our essential hair recovery line uses essential oils – not chemicals – to reverse alopecia or hair loss. This concept of healing is based in Ayurveda, Chinese, and Traditional European Medicine. These are healing practices that use “pure substances” to bring the body back into balance. Nature provides these pure substances in abundance, and they have no secondary side effects. Not only do our products smell amazing, they truly work. We use 100% plant compounds to form our effective formulations and our wide variety of botanical products:

  • soothe inflammation (a big contributor to hair loss) and support scalp health with high levels of antioxidants
  • promote healthy scalp circulation, increase cellular repair and invigorate hair roots
  • block 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT and causes hair loss


This scalp & hair treatment should be used before shampooing. Comb residual styling products out of your hair. Part your hair and apply 2-4 drops along the section line using a dropper, provided as part of the bottle cap. The dropper enables you to apply the solution directly to the scalp. Part another section of your hair and start the process again until the treated scalp area is fully covered. Massage lightly with your fingers to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. Shampoo, and follow up with a conditioner, then style your hair as usual. For best results treat 2-3 times a week. One 4 oz bottle of treatment should last for about 8+ weeks, or 24+ full scalp applications. Essential oils combined into our one-of-a-kind pre-shampoo formulations feel like a day at the spa for your whole head, while promoting luxuriously healthy, strong hair and new hair growth. All pre-shampoo scalp treatments work best with our shampoos and conditioners for a complete hair growth system. Use them together for a nurturing self-care ritual.


Sweet Almond Oil*, Safflower Oil*, Lemongrass Essential Oil*, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Rosehip Oil*, Castor Oil*, Styrax Benzoin Resin Extract*, Saw Palmetto Oil*, Bergamot Mint Essential Oil*, Lime Essential Oil*, Argan Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil*, Artemisia Essential Oil*, D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Candelilla Wax*, Fenugreek Floral Wax*, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Cassia Floral Wax*, Biotin (Vitamin B7)   *ORGANIC

Net Weight: 4 Fl Ounce / 118 Ml


PROPER SCALP CARE & HYDRATION Help your scalp to grow better hair with proper scalp hydration. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Botanical extracts and essential nutrients nourish hair follicles, reversing damage and promoting cell growth. If your scalp isn’t hydrated, that leads to extra dryness or sebum over-production. Our formulas include generous amount of essential oils to improve your scalp health with anti-fungal therapy and control dandruff accumulations on the scalp.

ALOPECIA & POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS PREVENTION Our holistic botanical formulas increase the cell division in the affected hair follicle dermal papilla and promotes additional blood circulation around hair follicles to remain in their growth phase and reducing hair thinning due to a hormonal imbalance.

DOES IT HELP WITH DHT? Unique botanical formulas include the strongest known botanical hair-loss fighting bioactive compounds and return dormant hair follicles back to their proper function. Treatment improves scalp and hair health by encouraging hair follicles to remain in their growth phase, but it is not meant to be a comprehensive cure or an alternative therapy to treat levels of androgens or testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

AFTER CHEMOTHERAPY HAIR RECOVERY: Chemotherapy targets not only the cancer cells but also the healthy cells of the body, and therefore hair will need vital support to grow back to normal density and texture. Our formulas regenerate affected hair follicles in a period of 12 to 18 months to return the hair to its normal growth pattern.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our Essential Hair Recovery line is scientifically designed based on the physiology of human hair growth. Contains powerful bio-active ingredients which have been shown to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and return dormant hair follicles back to function, encouraging hair follicles to stay in the growth phase. We use only high quality and high potency ingredients sourced from the most reliable resources. Some of the ingredients like Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts are added to provide sensation of icy-hot warmth to intensify the effect of the treatment. These ingredients, when used as directed, will produce a “tingling” sensation, which is expected. This sensation will increase with the increased amount of the product. That’s why it is important to follow the directions carefully to prevent skin irritation. While hair loss may begin to slow within a short period of time, visible results naturally will take at least 3 months to be seen.


  • Helps to reduce your hair loss caused by Alopecia and DHT by 50%
  • Reduces your Postpartum hair loss by 88.0%
  • Increases the time your hair remains in the growth phase
  • Stimulates your dormant hair follicles back to life
  • Transforms & nourishes scalp health for successful hair regrowth
  • Reduces your dandruff, head bumps, buildup and flaking
  • Contains powerful active botanical ingredients for healthy hair & scalp

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Essential Hair Recovery

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Lemongrass & Rosemary

157 reviews for Essential Hair Recovery – Scalp Treatment – Lemongrass & Rosemary / Scalp Soothing

  1. Yuriy

    I know it says to use it for at least 45 days to see results, but my hair looks way healthier than before. Before when my hair dried after shower it was dry looking and frizzy. Now when it dries it looks really nice and natural, can’t wait to get my hair back!!!

  2. Olga Bogdanova

    The ingredients in this hair treatment speak for themselves! All natural products, plus, the smell is incredible! I am looking forward to, hopefully, stronger, healthier hair after using this product for a while.

  3. DaniS

    Got it as a prevention therapy and love the smell of the ingredients. When you try it for the 1st time use on some small area to make sure you have no allergy. In general the quality and is nice

  4. Lida

    I lead a healthy lifestyle and very thoroughly choose myself a shampoo and hair mask is an excellent brand completely natural! I bought myself a whole series and very satisfied

  5. Lisa Percoco

    smells clean and fresh!!

  6. Polly026

    Not sure if it worked but smelled amazing

  7. Mish

    i definitely see results! i didn’t think it would work at first but then i realized i wasn’t loosing as much hair in the shower and noticed my hair got a little longer ….i thought it was in my head at first but then my sisters and co workers starting noticing too so i bought the shampoo and conditioner as well! I’m gonna be honest i don’t use this 3 times a week but once cause i don’t have the time to sit with it in my hair for 20 min but i try:) I’m gonna keep using it and ordering it again for sure

  8. Camille Militello

    I received a discount for this product but love it and use it daily..

  9. Adriana G

    Lovely product!!!I love the smell, and leaves my hair so soft and beautiful.I try to use it everyday just before I shower and my hair has been gradually getting better. Before it used to break easily and now it’s even got more volume.I was looking for a product that wouldn’t damage it more and this is just it.I will keep buying (:

  10. janet hoefs

    “I’ve battled with thin hair all my life; however, the medications I’ve taken during the past 10 years have caused hair loss, most noticeable in the front. I’ve tried all kinds of products without success. I had resorted to my 80’s teasing skills and would try to tease my hair in that area to cover the near baldness. But, all it took was some humidity for the baldness to show – very embarrassing at a young age! I reluctantly tried this product and used it as directed except I used it only twice weekly as I cannot wash my hair on a daily basis. I really didn’t see much difference until close to 30 days later. I had 2 people to ask what I did to my hair to make it look thicker. I too could see a noticeable difference. I’m now on my 2nd bottle and continue to see my hair thickening even more. I’m so impressed. Also notable is this comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper (very nice). I love the smell and how soft my hair feels after washing it in this shampoo. Also, this costs much less than most hair loss treatment, and it’s natural!”

  11. ryan broussard

    I purchased Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Anti-hair Loss Hair Oil Scalp Treatment, 4 oz/120 ml, Lemongrass & Rosemary. I have used this product for a few weeks now. I can tell it has helped but time will tell how much. I feel like if i use this product regularly I will see increase in hair. I can already tell the slight difference. The smell is very strong. I did enjoy the smell though so using it was enjoyable. It is a little oily but washes out easy. The smell stays with me just a little bit after washing it out. I think my hair is more smooth on the hair that I still have. The jar is glass but really strong. I have dropped it at least once. The dropper is a nice addition giving me the ability to place it on the scalp exactly where it needs to be. I do have high hopes for this and so far have been very pleased with what I have seen.

  12. A. Pellera

    Smells like citronella, so you will want to wash this off as instructions indicate or wear it out as a mosquito/human repellant. Does it work? I don’t really know for sure but if pressed for an answer I’d say probably. I’ve been shaving my head for over a decade and just recently decided to embrace my horseshoe of hair. It’s growing in pretty strong, however the strands are thin and wispy. Will it fill in my big bald head? Not likely. I have male pattern baldness in a big way and I have realistic expectations. Have I experienced greater growth than expected? Yes! So I give it a thumb up for now. It’s a big bottle and it doesn’t take much to coat my skull. It’s worth trying as long as you don’t expect a miracle. If you are just starting to experience hair loss this might work great for you. I am far past that point. As always, your mileage may vary.

  13. Chanel

    The scent is fantastic – very light and delicate. I have very thick hair and as long as you apply it moderately (you don’t need a lot of oil to cover the scalp), then this bottle will last for a long time. I’ve used this product for two months now, 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time. It washes out very well by the way, and there is a slight scent left over but it’s really light and barely noticeable.I’ve had great results with this relieving scalp dryness and flakiness! So that is a great plus. The only thing that it does not do as it says is to decrease alopecia. I have had alopecia for several years now so I didn’t truly expect this to make it go away and it didn’t. It works well for other reasons but not this. So if you’re buying this for the hope it will decrease your alopecia don’t go in with high expectations.

  14. K. Pierce

    I have some massive hair fall — so much so it looks like a squirrel tail in my shower. Recently, I decided to try once and for all to try to combat the thin, lifeless hair and shedding problem in my life. This scalp oil is one item in a trifecta of products I am trying. I am also using a DHT blocking shampoo, as well as taking biotin.First impression, this scalp oil smells very strong. The high notes are lemongrass, which is actually one of my favorite scents, so while powerful, the scent isn’t terribly off-putting. There are some other herbal notes, namely rosemary, but the lemongrass shines the brightest.The dropper makes the oil pretty easy to apply to the scalp. I part my hair all the way on one side, apply oil, massage in, and then part in a different place until my whole scalp is covered. This is a very oily, greasy hair product. Your hair will look wet after application. When I use this (about 2-3 times a week), I let it set for at least 20 minutes, if not longer. The tingle is real, folks! While it doesn’t burn, it feels very cooling and tingly. Shampooing out is a little bit of an ordeal, but not a deal breaker. Sometimes I need to shampoo twice in order for the oily feel to go away, and then follow with a high quality conditioner. Rinsing with cool water instead of warm water feels amazing! Your scalp will never feel so alive!Now… does this stuff actually WORK? I wanted to spend some time with the product instead of leaving a review right away. Even with the first uses and feeling the tingle and enjoying the scent and scalp massages… I wanted to see if I experienced actual improvement with my thin, shedding hair. I’m a bit of a skeptic, to be honest. Then, one morning in the shower I noticed that I didn’t have my usual squirrel tail accompanying me. My hair does have more body since trying the trifecta of arsenal against blah hair, and it is still a little too soon to tell if my hair is actually growing faster or better, I can honestly say that the shedding (handfuls of hair, every shower) is down by about half. I still have shedding, but it isn’t nearly as alarming. It could be this product alone, or it could be the DHT blocking shampoo, or it could be the biotin, but since starting all three, I have definitely noticed a difference. I’m a happy customer.I did get a discounted price for the purpose of taking this product for a test drive and reporting back on my experience so that other potential customers can get an accurate idea of what they are getting. I do not take the discount into consideration when reviewing. At about 35 dollars, this product is definitely worth a try if you are having some issues with hair shedding and thinning or lifeless hair.

  15. Randa

    This products claims to help reduce hair loss by promoting additional blood circulation around hair follicles and restores lost proteins that improves hair growth quality for both men and women. They work to reduce hair loss by promoting additional blood circulation around hair follicles, and restores lost proteins that increase hair follicle strength. This product claims to improve scalp and hair health by encouraging hair follicles to remain in their growth phase.WHAT IT DOESReduces hair loss by promoting additional blood circulation around hair follicles, and restores lost proteins that increase hair follicle strength. Improves scalp and hair health by encouraging hair follicles to remain in their growth phase. Contains powerful botanical active ingredients which have been shown to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and return dormant hair follicles back to function. Proper use of this pre-shampoo scalp treatment alone can help to reduce the rate of hair loss and maintain the density of thinning hair.HAIR GROWTH Botanical Renovation product line claim to help reduce hair-loss caused by DHT. Unique formula penetrates the scalp with natural oil nourishment and includes the strongest known botanical hair-loss fighting bioactive components combined with premium botanical active ingredients which have been shown to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and return dormant hair follicles back to function. Treatment improves scalp and hair health by encouraging hair follicles to remain in their growth phase, but it is not meant to be a comprehensive cure or an alternative therapy to treat levels of androgens or testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.How to use…This scalp & hair treatment should be used before shampooing. Comb residual styling products out of your hair. Part of your hair and apply 2-4 drops along the section line using a dropper, provided as part of the bottle. The dropper enables you to apply the solution directly to the scalp. Part another section of your hair and start the process again till the treated scalp area is fully covered. Massage lightly with your fingers to ensure the product is evenly distributed. Leave on for 20 minutes. You can cover your hair with a warm towel to intensify the effect. Then shampoo, follow up with conditioner and style your hair as usual. For best results apply 2-3 times a week. One 4 oz bottle of treatment should last for about 6-7 weeks, or 20 full scalp applicationsLemongrass & Rosemary Scalp Refreshing Formula provides with strong antibacterial qualities, so it improves scalp condition for successful hair growth. Lemongrass unique oil’s properties have the ability to penetrate the hair cortex, filling in gaps and damage, resulting in shinier and more manageable hair. Rosemary contains ursolic acid which helps to increase scalp circulation – this means more oxygen and nutrients will be sent right to your hair follicles, and that in-turn promotes healthy hair growth. INGREDIENTS: Perilla Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Saw Palmetto Oil, Argan Oil, Copaiba Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Provitamin B-5 (d-panthenol), Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Clove Bud Essential Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), Nutmeg Essential OilI have received this product at a reduced price for exchange of my honest opinion. As we all know miracles don’t happen overnight. Will keep using this product to see its benefits. Would usually take about 6 – 8 wks to see results. I hope this has been helpful.

  16. Cactuar

    “It is always difficult to write good reviews for cosmetic products. The first main reason for that is the difference in the effect from one person to another. Also, the effect may take a long time to appear. The second critical reason in my point of view is that a person generally uses more than one product at a time. Therefore, trying to classify the effects of products to each becomes a hard task. For hair repair and growth, health care professionals usually advise using more than one product (unless the product contains harsh chemicals). I am currently using shampoo for hair growth, and I decided to also use this “”Hair Growth Lemongrass-Rosemary Lab Formulated Botanical Hair Recovery System Anti-DHT/Alopecia Organic 4 Oz””. The seller advertises his product as a formula that is designed to reform your hair and give you thick and full hair with volume. After verifying that the product is compatible with the one I am already using, I have been trying this oil for a couple of weeks now. After the first uses, I start feeling my hair becoming more and softer. This is an expected result when using oil. According to the manufacturer, hair growth effects appear at least after 3 to 4 weeks but for my personal experience with similar products, don’t expect noticeable effects before at least 3 to 5 months. Finally, the product has an incredible smell thanks to the various oil it contains. As for now, I do appreciate much the preliminary results, and I did not experience any inconvenience with the oil. I will update my review later on if any thing changes. In the meanwhile, I give the product five stars because of its nice peppermint, citrus smell that I completely love.”

  17. Kristen Kennedy

    I am in my mid 30s and the only woman in my family losing hair. All of the women in my family have particularly thick beautiful hair so I was very discouraged when I started noticing my hair was thin looking, even when I made up-dos. People have already been noticing a difference. I hear almost a year for full results but I’ve only been trying things a couple months. Those that don’t know what is going on will ask if I dyed my hair darker. The part in my hair shows much less scalp. It is to be used twenty minutes before washing your hair each day. It definitely has a strong lemongrass scent to it! The only set back is that when I straighten my curly hair and use it, my hair may curl at the base. (hair gets a little wet with use) Also, there is a slight burning feeling at times. No negatives outweigh the hair growth. Aging didn’t bother me, weight gain didn’t bother me, not wearing makeup doesn’t bother me. But my hair-loss did. It’s worth the try, even if you are cheap like me.

  18. Bridget G.

    After some issues with the delivery of product, I’ve finally received. After a hectic week, I was able to apply and test hair growth serum. After opening packaging the scent of ?? lemon grass and rosemary was a bit strong and overpowering. I just returned home from a weeks stay in the hospital. I was feeling really low and needed a good shower. My hair was dirty and scalp itchier than usual. I read directions and applied serum. I have to say, the dropper included in bottle is a great addition. It made for an easy, accurate and no mess hassle free application. The directions called to apply serum and let sit for 20 minutes prior to shampoing. After applying I was pleasantly surprised as I thought serum may burn, but no, it didn’t. Instead, I felt an immediate soothing tingle. This serum was refreshing on scalp and immediately felt like it was working on something. It was stimulating and again, refreshing. My scalp has never felt cleaner. I can’t comment too much on effectiveness of hair regrowth since this was first application. However, I can say that after initial application and regular styling my hair has more volume from root to end and the refreshing stimulating feeling is still working. I was fortunate enough to receive a deep discount on product ut based on results so far I would purchase product again at full price.

  19. W. Kwok

    This bottle does not seem like it will last long but so far it has proven to last quite a while, having used this product for nearly a month now. I try to apply twice a week as the directions say. You can also apply the solution to your hair loss area 3 times a week, so I might start doing that. So far, it’s too early to tell if it works, but what I do like about the product is that aromatic lemongrass smell that comes from opening the bottle. The droplet dispenser at the top of the bottle is easy to use and picks up just enough product to cover your scalp. The solution is kind of oily so it’s not something you want to leave on your head too long. Even the instructions say to leave it on your head 20-30 minutes. I will update my review with my results as time goes by with constant use. I have been taking photos of my hair loss area since starting use of this product so it will be interesting to compare the pictures as I near completion of using this product.If my review or pictures helped in any way, please click the Helpful or Yes button below! If not, feel free to leave a feedback comment or ask any question that my review didnt answer. Thank you!

  20. Maria Lutz

    “Now first let me say the star rating is because I can feel the product working when I apply it, additionally, this product smell great you can actually smell the lemongrass. It is easy to apply and the directions included are very clear and specific, I can say that as it relates to the product name it does work, as I am seeing some hair growth from the shampoo and conditioner use; which I have been using. I have noticed since I started the use of these products my hair feels a lot stronger, brighter and not as fine. I will update around the end of next month.”

  21. Sheri

    This product arrived packaged well and as other reviewers have noted, the smell, while nice, is very strong and can be smelled from the packaging. I applied it to my scalp and I immediately felt some tingling. Since I could not keep my hands off my scalp during this time, I noticed that the more I massaged my scalp, the more tingly it became. I would encourage continual massage to your scalp while you are waiting the 20 minutes until you can shampoo. This product works by bringing blood to the scalp and somehow that is supposed to stimulate the follicles to grow hair. Since that will take some time, my review for now is just encompassing the application process and the product itself. I will update this review when I can for sure tell if my hair is thicker. Incidentally, I had very thick hair in my youth, had the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle but it has become a bit thinner in my 40’s and now I am 51. I used to have bangs and I don’t think I could pull that off now. So the product itself is nice, smells good and is easy to apply. Continual massage keeps the tingling going which I understand will stimulate the hair growth. If this product actually increases the fullness in the front of my hair – bang area – it will certainly earn 5 stars!

  22. JRB

    This product is awesome. I have not had it long enough to notice any new hair growth but I have used it several times and had a noticeable difference in the texture. My hair is long and thick but I have noticed some thinning around my hairline and a lot of hair loss. I ordered this because I don’t want it thinning out plus I need it to be healthier.This is really easy to apply. The bottle has a dropper and you apply the desired amount to specific places on the scalp or just drop all over your hair, dividing hair to expose the scalp. Then massage it in with your fingers and let it sit for at least 20 minutes (according to the directions). I let it sit for several hours then showered and washed out. My hair was smooth and super soft.The product is oily and smells very lemony. I actually massaged it into my hands after applying to my hair–Double duty. The lemony smell is strong and washes out, although the scent remains just a little bit.I will update my review after about a month to allow time to show any new growth or reduction in hair loss but for now it seems to add something missing from my hair and produces a healthier shiner softer mane. 🙂

  23. EDWARD E.

    I couldn’t be more happier to sample your product and let people know how much I like your product. I am so glad you sent this product , I received the product on time and pretty fast shipping. I have tried other products for hair growth like hair essentials for men and shampoos from the Hair stylists ect. This product gave me fast results unlike most of the other products I have used. I have only used this product for two days . I was going to wait to give the review but I wanted to share that in the first application , I was so amazed how much healthier my hair felt, I looked at my hair and it had a real shiny healthy look again, its not looked this well in a long time, thanks. I have am 45 and my hair is starting to thin out. I have been hoping I could find something to return my hair back to its health and fight the hair loss off. This stuff smells so fresh and healthy and then once you wash it out your hair feels and looks so healthy again, I havnt used it for long but I will keep buying it I am anxious to see if my hair will start to grow back, It feels so much stronger and thicker just from two applications I cant wait to finish the whole bottle.

  24. Joan M. Peterson

    When I ordered the hair growth lemongrass-rosemary botanical hair repair systems, I was not sure what to expect. But I needed something for my thinning hair and I was willing to try anything at this point. So when I received it in the mail I could not wait to try it. After using it for a few times, I could feel a difference in my hair, and it left my hair feeling silky and soft. I really liked it and I loved the scent!! So I want to thank Green Touch Beauty for a wonderful product!!

  25. Lindsay Family

    I wanted to try this product because I’ve noticed my hair is thinning out. This oil treats hair loss, stimulates hair growth and blocks the effects of testosterone within the skin. It has a very strong smell of lemongrass and rosemary. Today is my third day to use this and I see tiny hair growths! Very happy and will continue to use it.. I also like the way my hair looks and feels afterwards. Plus, I was really impressed by positive online reviews, and the price was great for such a large product. The treatment is made from natural ingredients, so I don’t have to worry about the effects it will have on my health. I know this is a great product! And, I know this oil will is the right product for me! I will update this information after using this oil for a couple months but right now I LOVE IT! As a courtesy, and disclaimer, please note that I did receive this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

  26. ZeusDog

    First I need to say when I took the plastic off my bottle the lid was not tighten down and I shook the bottle and about a quarter of the product went flying before I realized what was going on, so make sure your top is on tight before you go to shake it up. I have been using this since I received it, very nice fragrance, very oily. I have not noticed a change yet but its only been about a week. I have read other reviews and I did not notice a tingle when I put it on my scalp as others have stated. I will use it until I run out and then see how it does.

  27. MB

    I have been using this product for more than 2 weeks and while I haven’t noticed any new hair growth, I have noticed that my scalp is much healthier and super soft. I have an auto immune disease that caused me to loose all of my hair, so I was doubtful this product would really help as my problem is internal, however I was willing to give it a try. It does say on the bottle that it can be used to treat a number of scalp conditions, so I am going to have my husband try it (he has psoriasis). The smell of this product alone is amazing! Lemon and rosemary is a wonderful aromatic combination and my kids love when I have it on my scalp as they like the smell so much! If you are looking to regrow hair, this product may not be for you, but if you have a dry itchy scalp, this product may just be your new best friend!

  28. Crystal

    This smells SO GOOD. When I got it in the mail it wasn’t leaking, however I could already smell how amazing it was before unwrapping it completely. The bottle warns you about allergic reactions and whatnot, but I had no issues, which is good because I have the most sensitive skin ever. I am trying to repair a lot of damaged hair and have recently cut the dead ends off, and even though I am 26, the heating tools and hair dyes have thinned it out a lot. – I will update this review once I have finished the bottle(s).

  29. colette fielder

    “I was so excited about receiving this product. I have had thinning hair most of my adult life. I’m not sure weather it is caused by the “”every three month perm”” I got at a teenage (I grew up in the 80’s. Or something that is hereditary, but after losing 150 lbs a lot of my hair is gone as well. I have been looking for a natural answer and I am hoping this is it. I can already see a small difference, and I have only used it twice. I will check back in along the way on my journey.”

  30. Olena G.

    I bought it, cause after the beach season my hair looks not so good. Want to cut ends like an inch and a half, but want it grow up fast and looks healthy and shiny. This oil is SO GREAT: such a good smell, such a good thought, hair looks so shiny, strong and healthy, all what I expect for. I bought 2 of them. One for a present, second one is my. Both have a great smell. So love it and recommend it for male or female.

  31. Tanya

    I was struggling with postpartum hair loss and this line of hair products seems to help me (I use all 3 products). It makes my hair thicker and I have noticed a lot of new baby hair growing on my temples. The instruction says that you should wait for 12 weeks to see results. For me it’s been working right away. It just makes your scalp healthier.

  32. 3LeftFeet

    I originally? got this to help with filling in my facial hair. I used it once and then learned that saw palmetto blocks DHT, and DHT is what allows for facial hair growth. Since I don’t have a problem with balding, I passed it on to a friend.He’s been using it for about a week now and even though he hasn’t noticed any new growth, he has noticed that his existing hair is softer and more easily manageable. He loves it.I thought the scent of the lemongrass was rather strong. I felt like I had used a cough drop as cologne when I used it, but my friend doesn’t feel that the scent is that strong when he uses it.

  33. Damian Jaundoo

    I’ve used it several times now. Not sure if my hair is growing in everywhere but after I take a shower my head feels so good. The smell is strong but its a lemon smell and quite nice since you don’t leave it on for long its no big deal. Being oily I expected it to be hard to wash out. Since I don’t have much hair I use a pea sized amount of shampoo and did not need to use anymore then I would normally use. If my hair grows back and stays I will give it 10 stars out of 5 but in the mean time ill settle for a nice thick set of soft hair and the little fuzz I have in places that were just skin I can already see the difference

  34. Elizabeth K

    I must say…these preparations from Green Touch Beauty really smell GOOD!!! I guess it’s the Rosemary…very spicy and enticing. I bought this for my husband, who hair is beginning to thin. It gives a tingly feeling to the scalp. Too soon to see if it’s working, but the tingling certainly leads you to THINK it is!! Great hair oil.

  35. Amanda K

    Have you smelled this item? It has such a wonderful scent. I love the scent of lemongrass and the rosemary gives a nice extra scent. The scent is what makes it appealing to keep it in my hair for 20mins as per instruction. My friend has a different one that kind of doesn’t smell great so you want to keep your nose pinched. THIS ONE however smells amazing! Not sure if my hair has grown much since i just started using the product the past week or so, but it comes in a nice vibrant green bottle, with a squeeze dropper to easily apply to your hair. The great scent is also another appealing quality. =) Come on hair.start growing!!

  36. sdealfitzgerald

    I love the smell of this stuff, and actually use it as a hand moisturizer. Seems to be really effective in keeping my cuticles and nails in top shape. The only drawback I have with this product, is not the product itself, but the cap to bottle. There is a gold colored cap on the outside, with a plastic inner screw cap. The outer cap comes loose from the inner cap, making it pretty hard to even get the bottle opened. I have a McGyver gene, and was able to loosen it with a pair of plyers, and bend the gold cap into the white inner fitting. If I had not, I would be sending this back.

  37. Amazon Customer

    I have been using this hair growth formula for 4 days now and though I have not noticed a vast amount of hair growth in the nearly bald areas, I have noticed that there appears to be something growing there that wasn’t there before. I really like the way this formula stimulates my scalp making it feel warm and invigorating. I am very anxious to see what the outcome will be after using this for 30 days or more. So far though, I am very please with this hair growth formula and will definitely be purchasing this in the future. I bought this product through an amazing discounted price from Amazon Prime.

  38. ten424

    When this arrives, I would have sworn that the bottle was broken. The smell is almost overwhelming when you open the package. However, it’s nicely wrapped and taped and everything is completely intact. It’s just that potent of a product! LOL it’s a pretty big bottle, at least in my opinion. 4 ounces for a product with an eyedropper is a pretty big bottle. It’s made of essential oils, and you take a dropperful and rub it on your scalp before you wash your hair. There’s also instructions to mix a few drops into your shampoo, and that’s what I’m really excited to try. I didn’t want to wait 6 weeks to see if this product actually makes my hair grow to write this review.I did receive a discount for reviewing this product, but I would tell you if it was crap. I have super sensitive skin, and I’m sensitive to smell. This Serum is completely fine and both respects.

  39. Mina B.

    It smells so good! Well, that’s not all, but I think that’s anyone’s first impression when they get this in the mail haha.My boyfriend is balding, and I’d like thicker brows after over plucking them, so I thought we’d order a bottle of this and try it out. I didn’t have high hopes, because a lot of these products are just snake oil, but I figured the price wasn’t too bad and the ingredients look like great ones.Well, after a few weeks I can say that it really does work! It’s harder to see on my boyfriend (because he still has *some* hair), but it’s really clear on my eyebrows that this stuff works.It makes the hair last so much longer. It makes the hair actually stronger and healthier as well. You get a huge amount, so we’ll be using this bottle for months!

  40. Phill Garcia

    I’m reviewing the 4 oz scalp treatment in rosemary scent. First off the aroma of this product is so fragrant. Applying the product using the dropper was easy, the oily product spread through my scalp easily. While waiting the suggested 20 minutes I enjoyed the scent of the product. Washing off the product was not difficult and my hair was left soft and aromatic. I didn’t have any bad experiences with any hair falling out more than usual. I have high hopes of this product making my hair fuller and I believe the natural ingredients of this scalp treatment will do as advertised. I will update my review towards the end of the treatment.

  41. Traci Gill

    I’ve tried so many things to combat my thinning hair, most have been disappointing, but I was not giving up. When I first put this on my scalp, the smell of lemongrass was so strong that I thought I’d taken a bath in furniture polish. I have thankfully gotten used to it, but my husband still crinkle his nose. My hair has looked healthier and I have actually started to see fine little baby-like hairs coming in in places that have been very thin for a while now. I just wish my momma were still around, she would’ve loved this!

  42. aquarian #12613#

    My hair has been falling much less since I stared using this product.I love that its organic with no harsh chemicals .It has Perilla Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Saw Palmetto Oil, Argan Oil, Copaiba Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol), Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Provitamin B-5 (d-panthenol), Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Clove Bud Essential Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate), Nutmeg Essential Oil.This product makes my hair thicker and gives me more volume.

  43. DMH

    Went on china trip with older friends whose hair was thinning I saw him use this and really liked the smellPROS-The lemongrass and rosemary smells soooo good, a bit strong but very therapeutic, dad agrees-Friend gave me rest of bottle and I gave to my dad whose hair is also thinning to use and he likes it-Dropper top is easy to use and overall I like the look and feel of the bottleCONS-Dad says he sees some preservation of his hair but I haven’t noticed any growth-Value is not very good when I checked out the price – yikes!

  44. Dora Emon Beauty

    My hair is super thin and dry due to hair coloring for years. I am glad seeing this product and cannot wait to try it on. I have this product in exchange with a product review. I love the smell – Lemongrass. The treatment is not oily which is l like and no problem applying it to my hair 2-3 time a week for 20 minutes before shampoo per direction.I do not have the result yet since it is day 1. but I will update what the result after a month or so.I will also suggest testing it on skin before altering to hair scalp.

  45. Allis K.

    I was very hesitant about buying one more product to treat my always itching, flaked long hopelessly treated scalp. Due to my rosacea I have many spots under my thick reddish hair that did not go away for months. I have been using this product in a bottle conveniently supplied with a pipette, drops-measuring tube, and now it’s the second week when the top of my head is almost clean. Waiting for shampoo and conditioner on the market, the only detail that the buyer should be aware of it’s very strong yet pleasant scent

  46. Shawn Larson

    I purchased this for a young man that is 26 amd has been balding since he was 16. Obviouslybit runs in his family. All of the men in that family have hair everywhere on their bodies except their heads.. This product seems to be helping and will continue to purchse as it continues to show hair growth.

  47. Brian P

    Great hair product that is real effective and especially good at stimulating your scalp.You can really feel this one working, and seems to work wonders on your hair.Easy to apply to the hair. One just lets it sit for awhile, and washes out clean.Leaves your hair feeling thicker, stronger and healthier.Pretty odorous, but kind of a pleasant smell one gets used to.Very effective and works as desgned and advertised.A Great Product.

  48. Heyzl

    I have been using this product for a month . So I have ordered one more, cause I can already see the results. No bold spots on my head.The smell is great! Highly recommended!I also like the way it was packed. Thank you!

  49. Alex P

    Save your money…I used this product as directed faithfully for a full 60 days. Other than providing a warming tingle, this formula did nothing for the growth or regrowth of my thinning hair. If anything, I now have a LARGER thinned spot along my hairline than I had before using it! Would not purchase again.

  50. MyTwoCentz

    I like the ingredients in this Scalp Treatment. I was already using Rosemary oil in my hair and wanted to get this product for the Lemongrass. Both oils are known to be great for hair,. The application is easy. I place a few drops of this on my scalp and massage it all in. Sometimes I leave it on overnight and rinse it out the next morning.The only downside of this treatment, is that the smell is overwhelming. I always have to wash it out before leaving the house.

  51. Marta C Paz

    I gave this product to my mother to try. She is 79 years old and her hair is thinning quite a bit. She has been using it for a few weeks now. It feels good on the scalp she says. I think with use of this product for a longer period of time the results will be good. I receive this item for a reduced amount for my fair and honest opinion. She will continue to use it until the bottle is empty if there is a significant change I will come back and edit my review.

  52. Madiha

    I have really dry scalp. But I’ve been using like olive oil or almond oil to relax the scalp. It did help but not much bc you have to constantly using it. But just after one use I felt this relaxation it sting a little bit. But gotta go through little pain for a good outcome. I can’t imaging how my scalp be after using more later on. And the bottle is really cute like a potion type bottle. Thanks Green Touch Beauty for letting me use it.

  53. J. Lang

    This stuff smells amazing! My scalp feels so tingly and good when I use it. I have not been using it long, so I have not seen results yet for my thinning hair, but I am very happy so far with how it feels and smells. I look forward to seeing more results in the future!

  54. InkPaperCreate

    I love the smell of this stuff!! Seriously smells like tea and lemongrass. I got this for my mom to add to her hair regiment and she absolutely loves it. Feels like her scalp in refreshed and invigorated whenever she puts it on. We are hoping that it will help with hair growth, usually it takes several weeks to see changes like that so hopefully once she goes through this bottle we will know for sure. Overall we really like it alot.

  55. Amazon Customer

    I’m not sure if this has helped my hair grow but every time I use it I get compliments on how shiny my hair looks. People actually ask if I just got my hair colored.

  56. AlisaD

    Using only a few days and can notice a definite improvement in my hairs texture and vitality. The essence is heavenly, so super fresh! Goes into hair very nicely also, although it is an oil it absorbs quickly with no slippery – greasy feel on skin, hands, or your hair. I would definitely recommend to others who (if like myself) are struggling with dry, thinning, out of life hair to give it an awesome boost and life back!

  57. Yolanda

    Very worth the buy within 2 weeks of use I seen improvement in my hair growth now my hair is fuller & healthier.. This product was a awesome free product .it has a smell to it but its worth it once u start seeing tour hair grow..

  58. Michael P

    I really like using this product and it smells very nice! I have only used for a little over a week so im not 100% sure that its growing my hair back but it feels like it may be. I will update once I get further into my use.

  59. Steven

    It actually works on thinning hair (not bald). Maybe not as good as synthetic chemicals but I’m not willing to put that on my scalp anyway. Like all of these DHT blockers and follicle stimulators, it takes 2-3 months to start seeing results. This formula has a very nice lemon and rosemary scent and isn’t greasy when applied. Combining this with a saw palmetto supplement and an anti-hair loss shampoo will improve the effects even more.

  60. S Mills

    I couldn’t believe it when I opened the package, it smelled wonderful. My husband was so excited to start using this product. The directions say apply it on your scalp 20 minutes before you shampoo, then shampoo, condition and style as usual. Haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, but he just started using it. It says it can take up to 12 weeks for it to start working. It does seem to make his hair soft.

  61. Amazon Customer

    I got this for my sister who had chemo and radiation twice. Massive hair loss incurred. She had been upset with wearing a wig. After using this for over three weeks now she has experienced more hair growth and less hair falling out.When she combed her hair before using this product, the hair came out in clumps. After using the hair growth renovation that does not happen. I would and have recommended this product to my friends.

  62. Amazon Customer

    I ordered this, and many other items from Green Touch Beauty. I am a customer for life. I had medical issues, the treatment caused major hair loss. I thought I’d give this a try. I had been losing hair by the handfuls every day…luckily…I had lots of it to lose. I used this product as directed…but only twice a week as I don’t wash my hair every day. After first treatment my hair loss was 75% less and continued to lose less and less hair with each treatment and even when I didny use it. I have nearly a new head of growth under the old hair. As this worked so well, thought I’d try the brow growth product…guess what?? My brows are fullller and thicker than they’ve been for a while. I had been using other lash and brow product. My brows weren’t real thin and I have decent brows for my age..56. However, none had the effect that this treatment has had.

  63. Moussse

    Beautiful bottle and very helpful pipette. Probably the best hair oil packaging I ever saw. Interesting ingredients – lot of unusual oils as soon as well-known nice ingredients such as argan oil and vitamin A. Smell is very strong and nice – lot of lemongrass, a bit of rosemary. Easily washed away by any shampoo, even the mild natural ones. But the efficacy is just usual for all hair oils – no influence on hair loss at all, but nice nourishment of the scalp, so no skin peeling and itchiness at all. You can use any much less expensive fat oil – coconut, rosehip etc. – to get that kind of scalp care.

  64. Gaby

    This stuff smells REALLY strong. It’s not that it’s a bad smell, it’s just too strong and over powering. I put it on 20 minutes before my shower and massaged it into my hair. After about 7 minutes my eyes began to water and sting so I had to get in the shower early and wash it off. It continued stinging in the shower until I completely rinsed my shampoo out and starting conditioning. It might just be that I have super senstive eyes but other products that have lemongrass and/or rosemary don’t give me any problems. I’m still keeping this hair growth product at 4 stars however because the eye uncomfort and pain is WORTH IT. My hair felt so clean and soft after my shower it was amazing. I blow dried and my hair was soo nice feeling! The glass bottle is also really nice. The dropper is also made of glass. Even if this product doesn’t necessarily work to regrow my hair, it still helps with nourishing it. If, in a few weeks or a month, I notice regrowth in my hair I’m adding on a star. I received this product for a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. If you found this review helpful, please click on the appropriate button below! Thanks 🙂

  65. john

    I have been using this product twice a week for a month now, The instruction say to apply twice a week, wait 20 minutes and then shampoo your hair, as of yet I can’t see a difference but I will continue to use it. It has a very pleasant but strong smell, I have had no problems using the applicator that comes with it to apply on my head. The bottle came well packed, if you have hair loss problems there are worst things to try so I recommend giving it a chance.

  66. Borabora

    I’m using first time hair recovery system and I’m so happy. It work for me perfect. Also I like how it is smells. From now I will continue using this product.

  67. Pavel Sementsov

    Always looking for a solution to improve my hairloss.This seems like a great DHT blocker,just right ingredients.Can’t wait to see the results.

  68. Hooplaha

    I’ve just started using this product so I have yet to see if it actually works. I’ve followed the directions, and I must say it does wash out very easily, even if you have a lot of the oil in your hair. What I can say for sure is that it smells fantastic!

  69. fceexp1

    Really made a difference…I was prepared to be disappointed…got this while on special via snagshout…have re-ordered..delivers as promised

  70. Peggy L.

    I have used this product for a couple of weeks. It smells really good and seems to make my hair look better after washing it out. I can’t really tell if it has helped my hair grow yet but I haven’t had a chance to use it long enough. I have a very sensitive scalp but this didn’t seem to bother it at all. All and all, I believe my hair is healthier since using it.

  71. Jade

    Came as described and on time. The bottle had plastic around the top, to where you had to pull off in order to use. There was a very strong tea tree oil smell coming from the initial packaging it arrived in, yet none had spilled or leaked. Not that I am aware of anyhow. Tried and tingled my scalp, I wouldn’t leave it in long.

  72. Rafael Saavedra Jr.

    I just started this product for hair loss and psoriasis of the scalp i been having for the past 4 months, I read some of the reviews and some people talk about the shampoo, what is the shampoo they are talking about? thanks.

  73. Madeleine

    Hair Growth Lemongrass-Rosemary Lab Formulated Botanical Hair Recovery System Anti-DHT/Alopecia Organic 4 OzI have very dry scalp with that unbearable itchy feeling all the time. This has a menthol/eucalyptus smell that feels very soothing to my scalp. It’s just too soon to notice hair growth but I am hopeful. So far, it helps me relieve scalp dryness. I would wet my hair, apply this and wrap a damp towel on my head, as if I am giving myself a hot oil treatment.

  74. JesusWasAMuslim

    Great natural hair growth oil which smells just like the products listed. Love the dropper which makes it very easy to use. Professional packing and bottle. Hopefully, will have great results in the long run.Note: I rcvd a discount on the purchase which didn’t affect my rating or review.

  75. Yan

    Strong scent of lemongrass which I like. I haven’t used it long enough to see if it grows my hair any faster but it’s really moisturizing and great of scalp massages.

  76. Charles Edward

    I have been using this for about two weeks now and I think I am starting to grow some new hair in the front and vertex area. So far, so good.

  77. Mr. G

    The oil is reliably packed, have a very pleasant smell. It takes time to understand whether this oil helps or not.

  78. Tina B

    Decided to try oils for regrowing better quality hair. I like the result. Oil has really pleasant scent. All organic ingredients are perfect for me, because I’n nursing. It is safe for me and for my child.

  79. LG

    If you like lemongrass, you’ll love this. It smells amazing. It makes my hair so soft and easy to brush out. It feels tingly and like it does bring additional blood flow to the hair roots. I will be adding this permanently to my beauty routine. I am definitely buying again. And highly recommend.

  80. Kalevala

    I have androgenetic alopecia. It says on the label to make sure your hair loss isn’t caused by DHT (my type of alopecia IS) but I decided to try this anyway.Smell: Herbal and kind of citrusyConsistency: Fairly thing, but not like waterHow I use it: Use a few dropper-fulls and massage it into my scalp then rinse it out with shampoo in the showerI’ll probably try the over types/formulas as well, though I think I’d purchase this one the most.

  81. Ms. Annette R. Brooks

    When first using this product it seems to make your hair feel oily, but this goes away. I would suggest changing the lid so that you could turn it upside down to dispense instead of the current dropper being used. No other complaints or suggestions though.

  82. Mary Miller

    I need this in my life. I wont be bald if I use this. Hahaha it really helps for me.

  83. AMZNshopper

    I’ve only been using this for 2 weeks, but I can already see a difference in the hair quality that this treatment leaves. The hair looks and feels healthier and thicker. The smell is very pleasant and the texture is not oily/sticky.Will update on hair re-growth.

  84. krisser

    I’ve only been using this for a week, three times so far, and I am convinced my hair has noticeably grown. I can’t wait to see if the new hair growth happens, I bought this because with every shower there is a handful of hair in the drain. Speaking of that, there has been less than a handful after the first use. I’ll update later on!

  85. LuvLife2Day

    I apply this to scalp before taking a infrared sauna. Once my head starts to sweat, pores, follicles open up, it gets really tingly, stimulated, smells strong, oily texture. After sauna, shower and wash it out.

  86. WorthItorNotWorthIt

    Worth It!…But, unfortunately, I am allergic to something in the mix. I gave it to my friend and she LOVES it. Says it makes her hair shiny.So I don’t really know if it adds thickness yet, but it does add shine.

  87. Christopher Hargrove

    I just received this yesterday and I’m really excited to try it. It has a strong lemon smell to it, which is not that bad too me but may be strong for others. I do like the bottle it comes in and the promises of what it can do. Will give an update after trying it. I should say I really like it

  88. ReviewMama

    My husband is using this to prevent hair loss. He likes the texture, smell and feel on his head. We aren’t sure how much its working yet but we are going to keep using it and follow up with before and after pics. So far so good

  89. ADH85

    I have super thick hair, but suffer with dryness and breakage. I have been using this product for 3 weeks now, and I LOVE IT! This products smells amazing, doesn’t take much to hydrate (3 drops in sectioned areas), and I can go 2 days without having to add more oil. Of course I spray my hair daily with water, but I can still feel and smell this product days later. Would definitely order again.

  90. Amanda G

    “I love this product! It smells wonderful, I wish I could keep it in my hair all day! Although i recommend not doing that; I accidentally forgot to wash out the product after keeping it in after 20 minutes, and after drying my hair, it looked like I had poured vegetable oil and rubbed it around a bit. I wish I didn’t have to keep it in so long, and I have shorted the time, because who has that much time when you have to get 3 kids awake and dressed and trying to get ready yourself.”

  91. Kyla

    Haven’t noticed a difference yet but if feels stimulating on my scalp and the ingredients are at least beneficial. I put some in my everyday conditioner. Smell is strong but I personally Like it

  92. Missy

    Hair Growth Botanical Renovation Anti-hair Loss Hair Oil Scalp Treatment, 4 oz/120 ml, Lemongrass & RosemaryI BOUGHT THIS PRODUCT AT A DISCOUNT TO REVIEW. IT IS WORKING SO FAR. I’M EXCITED TO SEE THE OUTCOME.

  93. Vince’s Place

    My wife and I loves the smell of this oil. Just follow the direction and hope the product works, but for my 1st impression, it helps to control my dandruff.. Will update this review in a month,

  94. Stacey LeFevre

    I have alopecia areata and am seeing growth after three weeks

  95. Queen

    Buy it now it takes about 3-4 months to make a difference but it will HAPPEN

  96. Jennifer

    Makes hair shinier, but I haven’t noticed any growth. It does make your head smell like a citronella candle, so I look forward to a mosquito free summer.

  97. J. Robinson

    I have just used this product for the first time. So I can’t speak on hair growth. But I can speak on the quality, This stuff is the TRUTH! I used it this morning and set back and watch some NAT Geo. The smell is amazing. Very Herbal and Strong. Natural. I washed it out with the shampoo from the same Hair Growth line. And followed up with a creme conditioner. It is now in the evening and I have to say my hair has not been this soft in years! I am so think of getting a heated cap for my next application. As with some other reviews you would do well to keep it out of your eyes. I am thinking a twice weekly applications might be a good start and stimulus for new hair growth. We shall see….

  98. Joseph C Brunner

    I bought this for my sister to try out. Although she hasn’t started yet I believe it will make a difference as the ingredients are all known for hair growth and keeping the hormone levels under control.

  99. Henry Osho

    I love the smell of this lotion and the tingling sensation it produces when I use it in the morning. After three weeks of using I can see small improvement in the density of my hair.

  100. Jose

    I am very happy I have little time using 97% OFF Anti-Hair Loss Scalp Treatment Lemongrass & Rosemary / Natural DHT Blocker as I had the opportunity to acquire it through a discount coupon and have seen small changes in the affected areas, does not cause irritation or some adverse effect. I am very excited about the comments and hope to remain effective

  101. zoraida gonzalez


  102. KDeCiccoHawkins

    I have been using along with Biotin vitamins. I have to say that my hair is filling in . The smell is very strong though . Not necessarily unpleasant but strong .

  103. Christine

    Smells amazing. I haven’t used it long enough to tell if it’s working but I really like of the scent. Not harsh at all for me.

  104. Becky Smith

    12/15/16 Smells good….I can’t judge just yet if its working…will update when I have used for a while

  105. adalisa

    I have used many hair growth products over the past couple of years and This hair oil is the only one that gave me noticeable results from the first use, I noticed less hair loss especially during hair wash. I received this product for free for my hones review.

  106. eeksmom

    My son lost his hair and some is starting to grow back. I’m hoping over time he will have hair again.

  107. Susan A. Nintzel

    This is a wonderful product that promotes hair growth. I will buy it again! The smell is absolutely wonderful!

  108. Amazon Customer

    Smells great. I have not been using it long, but it feels refreshing. I cannot say if it helps regrow hair, but my hair felt refreshed after. It does have a cleansing effect and felt more movement after using this.

  109. ShikhaJay

    Love the smell and it works and moisturize hair really well. I don’t know about the hair growth but will update my review in long time.

  110. Tacoming

    Smells great. Follow the instructions carefully. Make sure to rinse it out completely.

  111. D Bailey

    I love this product.. I add drops of this product into my shampoo and my hair oil.. it has a great smell and i have seen improvement in my hair texture since i been using.

  112. Taylor Nivens

    This stuff makes your scalp feel like your rubbing cool menthol on it and really purifyying. AMAZINGGGG

  113. Mona Anderson

    “My follicles were awaken after using the formula. I could smell the “”natural goodness”” before opening the bottle and was excited. My scalp felt invigorated! After using this treatment, I expect promising results. I will update results after several more uses.”

  114. johnny bourque

    Love this lemon grass oil makes my scalp and skin very moisturized and it smell wonderful.

  115. Redrum Redrum

    Seems to work well and my hair is definitely growing out a little [email protected]

  116. Nikarys

    Smells great. i love using it and leave in it on my hair for a while. The oil are very soothing and relaxing. Does not leave any oil in my hair after shampoo

  117. Jamie K.

    I really like the smell of this, will wait to see if I get any results!


    Hair Growth Lemongrass-Rosemary Lab Formulated Botanical Hair Recovery System Anti-DHT/Alopecia Organic 4 OzIf the smell of this is ok for you than its fine but it is strong and I think a fresh and crisp smell. The way it makes your scalp feel is great feels like its really working. I have only been using a week but so far so good. I would stay using it just to feel the tingling on my head and its a good strong smell. I will stay posted on how well it works.

  119. homeshool mom

    This stuff works and smells amazing. I have been losing my hair for a while and I don’t seem to be losing it as quickly or in as large of chuncks.

  120. SoCal Dawn

    Love the smell.. Too soon to tell how my hair grows but it is easy to use and smells awesome.

  121. V. Briscoe

    Been using this product for a week and love the smell of lemongrass. My hair looks healthy but haven’t seen any growth yet.

  122. Nina Morgan

    At first I thought can this product really worked, but after using it I noticed a difference in my hair. It really did work. I still need to use it some more to find out the full effects but was very impressed with the little time I have used it it worked so well.

  123. Mackenzi

    Made my hair really soft! still testing to see if it helps with growth.

  124. Valentina

    I bought this for my husband because he was complaining of hair loss. It takes a little while to start seeing results, but so far he is happy with the results. His only complaint is the strong smell.

  125. Amazon Customer

    Love the natural ingredients and way it goes on.

  126. Jerry b.

    Perfect and love the scent. Will update more in a few fweeks.

  127. neama boulos

    It works


    Strong smell but not offensive. Delivered wel protected from spillage. Received discount for review

  129. pam

    So far so good…. Only used it for a few days so I am not sure about hair growth but it does feel good on my scalp.

  130. soccer mom

    It,s very good

  131. Misty H.

    It smells wonderful. I am very hopeful that is going to help with my thinning hair around my crown.

  132. Jan

    Great Product.

  133. Andrea Hardy

    great product

  134. Keith Divel

    “I’ve been applying as instructed a few times a week for 15-20 minutes or so. Then washing out.. First off, i ;ove the smell.. i’m a big fan of that lemon-grass scent so i’m happy already.. I’ve been using for about a week or so, and i’m told it takes time to start seeing reslults… I’m not expecting a miracle of anything but from what i hear… an increase in fullness is to be expected.. i’ll check back in a month with an update.. excited to see if this reslults any change.. thanks”

  135. chad

    This product seems to have unique properties that I hope work. The person I bought it for had enjoyed it this far and plans to continue to use it. It obviously takes time to truly tell tho.I received this product at a reduced rate for a review.

  136. Amazon Customer

    Like the way it make the scalp feel

  137. Amazon Customer

    awesome product

  138. Morgan Burrell

    I love the smell!! I’ve noticed a little bit of difference in my hair, but haven’t used it long enough to expect a huge change.

  139. Luis

    love how it feels on my hair

  140. JTorres

    Love the smell of this. Very invigorating. Seams to be working well. I have noticed less hair loss since using it.

  141. Amazon Customer

    My husband started to use this product and his hair became much healthier.

  142. Robin Y.

    I just received this and have used it once. I don’t know if it will help hair growth but, it is like a spa treatment. It smells wonderful. I love it.

  143. Michelle Rodriguez

    In love with this stuff! Results are awesome

  144. Anthony & Kat Jones

    I really like this product. It smells invigorating so it’s nice to use in the morning. I just apply and let it sit while I make my coffee, walk the dog, etc. Then I jump in the shower. My hair feels extra soft on days I use the treatment, and I have noticed a slow down in fallout since I started using this about a month ago. Would definitely recommend.

  145. Brian H.

    Love the way it feels. I don’t know about growing hair but it does treat dry scalp well.

  146. Amazon Customer

    great product!

  147. D. Foster

    Just started using it. The scent is wonderful. Love it

  148. Amazon Customer

    I haven’t used the product long enough to see any results but I like the smell and the tingling.

  149. Neda Naz

    This is definitely a product, same as many others, that you need to buy ongoing. At first, I feel that I’m tempted to try ongoing products but it seems like it becomes part of daily life.

  150. Julia

    Great ingredients, nice packaging, and fresh

  151. Amazon Customer

    Got a great deal on this. The fragrance is amazing!

  152. Amazon Customer

    Good stuff!!

  153. Amazon Customer

    Awesome stuff, really helped my hair.

  154. Amazon Customer

    love it

  155. Amazon Customer

    I like this product. A lot goes along way.

  156. Tawanda Barino

    I’m not one to write reviews, in fact, I never do it, but I have to write about this wonderful and amazing product that I stumbled on to by mistake. I was looking for a hair growth product that would help me because my hair was falling off. I didn’t know what to do. I became depressed and uncomfortable. When I started using the Lemongrass-Rosemary hair growth scalp treatment and shampoo, I noticed changes in just a few weeks. My hair started filling out on the bald patches, it was suddenly very smooth and silky. I feel like a celebrity with all this great hair. I would recommend this product any time; it changed my life and gave me my joy back. Thank you very much.

  157. Raeann Moya

    I bought this product for my mom. Her hair was thinning out, it had bad texture and was really ugly to look at (I’m not exaggerating) she couldn’t even go anywhere without wearing a wig, as she was so embarrassed of how her hair looked. So I bought it for her as a present, after an extensive research. First of all, the packaging is really cute, very ideal for presents, and I have to report that she is now quite a traveler; you will never find her in the house like before. She used it consistently twice a week for 3 months and the results were unbelievable. The bald spots are gone, and she has a full head of hair. She says she will keep using it and I promised to keep buying for her. I highly recommend this great product.

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