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How to Deal with Hormonal Changes and Hair Loss From Pregnancy to Menopause

Women go through a lot over their lifespan, and with constantly changing hormones there are often some unpleasant

Enjoying Your Life at Any Age

How Seniors Can Take Back Their Mental and Physical Health Data from a recent US census showed that nearly 30

5 Reasons to Choose Better Hair Care for Hair Growth

You spend valuable time shopping for organic food. You even find time to work out and enjoy the outdoors. You’re

Ginger as a Beauty Secret for Luscious Hair and Skin

Ginger has been used for centuries both as a medicinal aid and to promote beautiful hair and skin. Ginger’s main

Healthy Clean Scalp for Hair Growth and hair Thinning Prevention

It needs to be nourished and protected just like the skin on the rest of your body. The average adult has about 8

Best Organic Hair Care

What kind of yuck is in your shampoo? Botanical Hair Growth formulations contain “real” essential oils and organic

Turning Up the Heat on Hair Growth

Peppers may be the spice in-exquisite cuisine created around the world, but the plant compounds in these little
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